Team Canada Motorsport (TEAMCMS) is launching a new initiative to serve the motorsport industry in Canada. The Motorsport Industry Association Canada (MIAC) initiative is designed to provide a membership-based industry association for motorsport in Canada, the first of its kind. 

Together with industry leaders whose goal is to build a professional and sustainable industry (and industry organization), MIAC is the ideal means to achieve this goal.   Taking direction and purpose directly from our members, MIAC will strive to represent the unique needs of our member companies as the motorsport industry continues its development in Canada. 

The mission of MIAC is to promote motorsport as an industry in Canada.

The benefits which a company can extract from any association membership depends on the company’s or member’s individual goals and objectives.  In many cases members are looking for additional promotion of their company to new customers.  In some cases, obtaining new skills and access to research publications within their industry plays a key role.  Still others will join for the networking, financial discounts and incentives which are offered to members as part of their affiliation.   

“A membership program is a great way to support MIAC and deliver benefits to our members, together we have further industry impact and influence verses individual companies working alone”. Phil Nelles, TEAMCMS Executive Director.

Why is Team Canada Motor Sport (TEAMCMS) launching this initiative? 
TEAMCMS is a nonprofit organization with the following mission: ‘To foster opportunities and provide strategic assistance to Canadian individuals and organizations within the motorsport industry through relevant initiatives.’  Launching MIAC from the TEAMCMS platform is logical, leveraging existing TEAMCMS infrastructure therefore providing the initiative a ‘rolling start’.  Once critical mass has been achieved, MIAC will become a standalone entity. 

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