Showpass Develops Options For Race Promoters During Covid-19

MIAC Member Showpass is developing special options for Motorsport Facilities during Covid-19 restrictions. Showpass offers Online Ticketing, Distanced Seating arrangements and Donation Management for fans and sponsors, all to assist race tracks generate much needed cash flow.

Showpass has options for all speedways, road circuits and motorsport facilities including: Branded Website Checkout with Distanced Seating Admissions, Branded Website Checkout with Distanced Seating Admissions or Donations and Donation Integration and Buyer Data Collection for Future Seasons.

If you are a race promoter, contact Showpass for a custom quote provided within 24 hours. Allow your loyal race fans and sponsors to contribute to your race purses and lap awards to help get back to racing in Canada!

Download Showpass Covid -19 Race Promoter Solutions

About Showpass

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Showpass is a leading software and service provider that helps events and venues sell more tickets while rewarding guests with an easy and efficient platform to purchase and check-in. Thousands of event organizers choose Showpass’ ticketing so they can sell more tickets/merchandise and can manage everything from sales, check-in, guest lists, stats and more from the palm of their hand using the Showpass mobile app. Clients include festivals, venues, motor speedways, universities, trade shows, and more. Showpass was the Breakout Business Award Recipient from the Calgary Chamber of Commerce in 2016 and has since grown significantly, selling millions of tickets each year. By combining a passion for technology with a love for live events, Showpass delivers a ticketing solution that event organizers can be proud to work with.

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