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Atlantic Region Motor Sports

MIAC Member Atlantic Region Motor Sports
MIAC Member Atlantic Region Motor Sports

Atlantic Region Motor Sports

Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada


ARMS and its member clubs sanction and hold Karting, Road Race, Rally Sport and Solo Sport events in Atlantic Canada.

We are a territory of ASN Canada FIA and are affiliated with CARS (Canadian Association of Rally Sport).

The events organized by ARMS member clubs vary from Sunday afternoon rallies that the whole family can enjoy, to auto slaloms which tests your driving ability – one car at a time – on a prescribed course in a parking lot, to the highly skilled high speed performance rallies and road racing.

The member clubs of ARMS are individual organizations, that hold their own regular meetings and social gatherings, as well as many competitive events. ARMS is the organization that ties these individual clubs together. ARMS formulates common rules, assists with the organization of Regional and National events, supplies technical event personnel and coordinates the calendar of events. ARMS also provides other services, such as arranging for competition insurance and arranging sponsorship for various events and series. Any person entering an ARMS sanctioned event is automatically covered by liability insurance during the competition.

Because of the nature of ARMS, and the strength it has as the governing body of amateur motor sport in Atlantic Canada, people entering an ARMS sanctioned event are assured of safe, well organized and fair competition.

ARMS events and clubs provide the opportunity for involvement with every level of the sport. You can compete, marshal, organize, or simply spectate if you so wish and you may even have the opportunity to be appointed to one of the regional committees that govern the sport.

All areas have programs for novices, to teach you how to compete properly. Who knows, if you have the ability and the inclination, you can become an ARMS Regional Champion.

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