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2000 Simcoe Street North Oshawa Ontario Canada


We’re more than just a facility

ACE: a solutions provider
At ACE we have consistently grown our base of satisfied clients. We partner with you to focus on whole vehicle testing in our Climatic Wind Tunnel. ACE has a world class R&D facility and the experienced engineers and technicians to deliver solutions to any testing problem. Take a look.

What can you accomplish at ACE?
Our environment can re-create any weather conditions a vehicle will experience anywhere in the world, from the blistering heat in Death Valley to the frigid conditions in the Arctic. We can test vehicles operating under full load with crosswinds and wind speeds up to 280 km/hr.

We use our multiple chambers to:

Inspire students.
Engage with the local community.
Conduct research.
Test automotive, architectural and aerospace products.
Improve the performance of elite athletes.
Provide services to many other markets including the tech industry, film production and motorsports.
What do we value and want our customers to know?
We can take any testing conundrum and deliver a viable solution for you because we not only have a world-class R&D facility, but also the experienced engineers, technicians and staff to make it happen. Additionally, the presence of ACE at Ontario Tech University allows us to bring technological benefits to our customers to provide a fully integrated solution.

ACE is the first testing and research centre of its kind in Canada, and in many respects the world. It is owned by Ontario Tech University and is located on the university’s north campus location in Oshawa, Ontario.

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