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Can-Am Midget Racing Club

Can-Am Midget Racing Club

Niagara Falls Ontario Canada


The race cars of the Can-Am Midget Racing Club are a unique and exciting breed.

Although we refer to our class as Midgets, they are technically three quarter Midgets as they are approximately scaled at three quarters of a true Full Midget (as run by USAC). They are open wheeled racers with a wheelbase of about 68”, an overall length of 8 to 9 feet, an outside width of approximately 53” across the rear wheels, and a post—race weight of 890 lbs. with driver. Power comes from 750cc Kawasaki ZX7 motorcycle engines. In their highly tuned state these fire—breathers put out around 125 horsepower giving the Midgets a strong power to weight ratio, requiring significant skills to setup and drive.

As all racing is done on paved oval tracks of 1/4 to ½ mile in circumference, the cars are built with a left side weight bias and a larger right rear tire to help maximize left turn cornering speed. A wing or airfoil approximately 30” square mounted above the roll cage of the car adds to the down force, also boosting cornering speed. Qualifying procedures put the highest point finishers deep in the field for the Feature event, guaranteeing lots of exciting passes and action

Most teams transport their Midgets in fully enclosed trailers which double as portable workshops for maintenance at the track or in the motel parking lot. Both the cars and trailers become traveling billboards for our sponsors.

Car registration exceeds 30, with over 40 drivers earning some points for competition annually. The average car count for an event is 24, with only 24 qualifying for the 25 or 30 lap Feature event, which makes for very exciting racing in the preliminary races as well as the Feature’ Pictures and Videos tell the story of Can-Am Midget competition better than words can possibly do.

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