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MIAC Membership

A membership program is a great way to support MIAC and deliver benefits to our members.  Together we have further industry impact and influence verses individual companies working alone.  

Taking direction and purpose directly from our members, MIAC will strive to represent the unique needs of our member companies as the motorsport industry continues its development in Canada.

MIAC Benefits

MIAC membership delivers Promotional, Offers & Discounts and Business Development benefits to its members.

Promotional Benefits– Proudly Promoting Our Industry and its Members.
Offers & Discounts – Exclusive offers and discounts on products and services.
Business Development Benefits – Collaborate, Learn and Grow.

The benefits which a company can extract from any association membership depends on the company’s or member’s individual goals and objectives.  In many cases members are looking for additional promotion of their company to new customers.  In some cases, obtaining new skills and access to research publications within their industry plays a key role.  Still others will join for the networking, financial discounts and incentives which are offered to members as part of their affiliation. 


Proudly Promoting Our Industry and its Members

  • Promotion of Motorsport
    MIAC will actively introduce, raise awareness and promote the motorsport industry to federal, provincial and regional trade development offices in Canada. As part of this outreach program to governmental agencies MIAC will highlight the benefits of our industry and our members.  Along the way, developing a knowledge-base of trade development program information and contacts for our members to resource.
  • Promotion of MIAC Members
    The promotion of our members will be paramount in the growth of MIAC, and an initial benefit realized by membership.   The MIAC News Bureau– comprised of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles, MIAC website, email newsletters and Member Directory will be the launch pad for the promotion of our members.  Reinforcing MIAC members latest news & messages, products and services offered via multiple social media channels is also key in the outward facing marketing plan of MIAC.  Interacting with customers, business partners and the general public is a true win-win. 
  • Advocacy
    Are there laws, regulations or policies that prevent a member business from growing to its full potential? MIAC will regularly lobby government on behalf of the industry to ensure our interests are protected. By becoming a member, you can be active in those efforts or at least be kept apprised of what is being done on your behalf.

Offers & Discounts

Take advantage of exclusive offers and discounts on products and services

  • For Members
    Member discounts are selected to assist in operation and growth of our members businesses. 
  • From Members
    Introduce your company’s offers & discounts to MIAC members .
  • General Public
    On occasion MIAC will promote a member’s offers & discounts outside the membership to the broader general public.
  • Future Benefit
    Procurement Program wherein  MIAC members can receive discounts on business-related products and services, reducing spending and realize immediate profit-line improvement.

Business Development

Collaborate, Learn and Grow

  • Networking & Lead Generation
    MIAC provides a collaborative environment for relationship building and partnership introductions, developing a bridge to communicate between our members and new companies interested in the industry. Make use of the online Member Directory or contact us directly for specific introductions.
  • Member Offers & Discounts 
    Members are encouraged to offer discounts to fellow members; details can be found in the Member Discounts.
  • Member Directory
    The Member Directory highlights our members products, services and expertise to the industry and the public.  The directory is customizable and updatable, providing a “virtual trade show” connecting members with members and members with consumers.
  • Job Postings
    Member job vacancies can be posted online and promoted to the industry and the public.
  • Future Benefits
    Future benefits planned include Regional and Annual membership meetings to develop relationships and meet new members, create alliances and partnerships.

Membership Pricing

Directory Membership

  • • Branded business listing in the Member Directory
  • • Product or Service descriptions
  • • Image and video galleries
  • • Easy to upgrade membership
  • • No Cost

Offers & Discounts Membership

  • • Introduce your company’s Offers & Discounts to MIAC members
  • • Regular promotion of your company’s offers
  • • Access to MIAC email marketing database
  • • Branded business listing in the Member Directory
  • • Cost is $495/year or $45/month

Development Membership

  • • Business Development & Sales generation assistance
  • • Regular promotion of Member via MIAC News Bureau
  • • Access to MIAC email marketing database
  • • Job postings promoted to the industry and the public
  • • Branded business listing in the Member Directory
  • • Cost is $995/year or $95/month

Member Success Stories

“Showpass has had great success working with MIAC. We have worked together to develop solutions for our members who have never used an online ticketing platform. MIAC has helped us increase racetracks & facilities revenue and simplify their administrative workload. We look forward to working closely with Phil Nelles and MIAC in growing the motorsport industry.”

Lucas McCarthy CEO , Showpass

We are happy to be a MIAC member and excited to see what we can to together in 2021!  MIAC is a great way to extend our reach and promote our messages.”

Mike Garrow President/Owner, REVTV Canada

“We feel there is huge potential and ups-side to what is maybe an untapped opportunity in Canadian motorsport. We have also worked with MIAC on previous opportunities, so we are excited to be part of the movement and look forward to working with the partners and members”.

Bill Gaskey, Managing Partner, REVXM

MIAC has partnered with us to develop a motorsport focused travel insurance product. We look forward to developing this offer to Canadians going forward in 2021 and beyond.

Alan Hollingsworth, Senior Vice President, HUB

“Phil Nelles and MIAC introduced us to a new ticketing platform through the MIAC membership.  MIAC continues to support us in taking care of our loyal race fans!”

Mary Wilkinson, Ticketing Manager, Oshweken

MIAC Membership FAQ’s

What is the Criteria for Membership?2019-05-29T14:53:39-04:00
  • Any Company interested in deriving an income and involved in the supply and/or promotion of Motorsport products, services or activities.
  • Prepared to sign the Letter of Agreement and operate in an ethical manner.
How will MIAC help your business grow?2019-05-29T14:52:45-04:00
  • Members receive a wealth of benefits designed for growth.
  • Including: Promotional, Skills & Knowledge and Business Development benefits.
  • We take our direction and purpose directly from our members.
  • We raise the profile of the Motorsport Industry.
What are the Future Membership Benefits?2019-05-29T14:50:43-04:00
  • Procurement program for group purchases.
  • Member to Member Offers/Discounts.
  • Unique access to community through live event display (races, trade show, social gatherings).
  • Help strengthen your voice within industry and government.
  • Training/ Workshops.

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