The benefits which a company can extract from any association membership depends on the company’s or member’s individual goals and objectives.  In many cases members are looking for additional promotion of their company to new customers.  In some cases, obtaining new skills and access to research publications within their industry plays a key role.  Still others will join for the networking, financial discounts and incentives which are offered to members as part of their affiliation.   

A membership program is a great way to support MIAC and deliver benefits to our members, together we have further industry impact and influence verses individual companies working alone. 

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Benefits Overview

MIAC membership delivers Promotional, Skills & Knowledge and Business Development benefits to its members.

Promotional Benefits– Proudly Promoting Our Industry and its Members
Skills & Knowledge Benefits – Acquire New Skills and Gain Valuable Professional Knowledge.
Business Development Benefits – Collaborate, Learn and Grow.

Promotion Benefits

Proudly Promoting Our Industry and its Members

  • Promotion of Motorsport
    MIAC will actively introduce, raise awareness and promote the motorsport industry to federal, provincial and regional trade development offices in Canada. As part of this outreach program to governmental agencies MIAC will highlight the benefits of our industry and our members.  Along the way, developing a knowledge base of trade development program information and contacts for our members to resource from the MIAC Resource Hub.
  • Promotion of MIAC members
    The MIAC Website will be the launch pad for promotion of members including; the Vendor Directory, MIAC News Bureau, social media, email newsletters- all reinforcing our members latest news, products and services offers and messages via multiple channels.
  • Advocacy
    Are there laws, regulations or policies that prevent a member business from growing to its full potential? MIAC will regularly lobby government on behalf of the industry to ensure our interests are protected. By becoming a member, you can be active in those efforts or at least be kept apprised of what is being done on your behalf.

Skills & Knowledge Benefits

Acquire New Skills and Gain Valuable Professional Knowledge

  • Online Seminars
    The purpose of Skills & Knowledge Seminars is to deliver relevant information to our members from speakers and experts who believe in providing value, not selling- and to provide guidance when needed.  Not only will members be learning valuable information and building skills, they will be doing it amongst other professionals in our field. The Skills & Knowledge Online Seminars will be live and interactive with members and will then be archived in the MIAC Databank for future reference. Initial Online Seminars will include: Social Media Communication Tools & Techniques, Insurance & Risk Management, Sponsorship Valuation & Sales, Website Hosting & Security, Public Relations with additional skills topics added as members request.
  • Industry Trends
    One of the roles of MIAC is to help its members stay on top of industry trends. Engage with experts who share insights you might not otherwise learn about. Plus, newsletters, emails and other publications offer regular touch points so you know you’re not getting left behind.
  • Mentorship Development
    We all need someone to turn to sometimes. If a member requires professional training in a specific area of day-to-day business practice or is interested in gaining new business acumen, MIAC can assist in aligning members with like-minded experts.  Even outside official events, members are encouraged for peer-to-peer learning and mentorship that allow sharing of experience and knowledge.

Business Development Benefits

Collaborate, Learn and Grow

  • Networking
    MIAC networking provides a collaborative environment for relationship building and partnership introductions, developing a bridge to communicate between our members and new companies interested in the industry. Make use of the online Vendor Directory and Member Forum where like-minded individuals to come together to share ideas and strengthen ties.  Attend regional and annual meetings to develop relationships and meet new members, create alliances and partnerships.
  • Vendor Directory
    The Vendor Directory highlights our members products, services and expertise to the industry and the public.  The directory is customizable and updatable, providing a “virtual trade show” connecting vendors with consumers.
  • Resource Hub
    MIAC Resource Hub is a member only repository of information gathered and shared including valuable surveys, studies, market research, news articles and relative information to our industry.  MIAC Online Seminars will be archived in the Resource Hub for reference as well as many useful online links.
  • Job Postings
    Member job vacancies can be posted online and promoted to the industry and the public.
  • Future Benefits
    Future benefits include a Procurement Program where MIAC members can receive discounts on business-related products and services, reducing spending and realize immediate profit-line improvement.

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