Getting The Word Out

A group of Ontario motorsport facility owners and promoters, lead by Brighton Speedway owner Mark Rinaldi have submitted a plan to safely return to racing in 2021 with fans, along with an economic impact study to the Ontario government, with no response at all…

The group has worked diligently behind the scenes developing a safe plan to open the tracks and get back to racing and back to work.  All facilities are ready to implement the detailed guideline to keep workers, competitors and race fans safe.  With no response from government…

“Unfortunately not much new to update, we are focused on what they are going to let us do when we are out of the stay at home order. We want the provincial government to review the plan and acknowledge that depending the colour of your region the capacities should be adjusted. We are having a hard time getting answers at all, I urge everyone to call and email your MPP. That is the only real way to drive this forward.  The health units will not let us do anything until the province gives them guidance.” says group organizer Mark Rinaldi.

Does it seem odd that the Ontario government has not responded to the group?

Not really, given that Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture- Lisa Anne MacLeod and her federal counterpart Minister of Canadian Heritage Steven Guilbeault do not recognize motorsport as an official sport let alone an industry in Ontario or in Canada. Surely given a total economic impact on the province of $58,488,372 annually, the group deserves a response.

For more info please see this story from Norris McDonald of the Toronto Star